Suggested readings, #31

Here are some interesting articles I’ve come across recently, for your consideration:

Bad Romance. Capitalism hasn’t disenchanted the world, a new book argues. Like a bad lover, it beguiles us into spiritual desolation—and only the most utopian politics will break its spell. (Boston Review)

Stoicism as a ball game. Sporting metaphors in ancient Stoic philosophy. (Medium)

Conceptual origami. Unfolding the social construction of mathematics. (Philosophy Now)

Sophie’s World: the wonder and glory of philosophy. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space.” (Medium)

Wonder works. History and philosophy should reveal to us the baffling, strange and wondrous qualities of other lives and other times. [Maybe, but this is a long-winded article with no particular point to make, so far as I can understand. Can someone please explain it to me?] (Aeon)

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