Suggested readings, #18

Here are some interesting articles I’ve come across recently, for your consideration:

Cruising in the age of consent: gay men, #metoo, and the politics of desire. (The Atlantic)

Is attributing evil a cognitive bias? Interesting article, with some questionable evolutionary psychological interpretations. (Philosophy Now)

Quentin Tarantino’s Cosmic Justice: his new film exhibits — perhaps surprisingly — a genuine moral pathos. (New York Times)

The problem with mindfulness: it promotes itself as value-neutral but it is loaded with (troubling) assumptions about the self and the cosmos. (Aeon)

A power ranking of Sherlock Holmes adaptations: the consummate detective has been reimagined hundreds of times—which screen version is best? (Electric Literature)

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One thought on “Suggested readings, #18”

  1. Stereotypes of the gay cruising culture aside, stereotypes sometimes develop for halfway legit reasons, so #IDoubtIt.

    I’d already read the mindfulness piece and agree.

    Agree that it’s an overassumption that definitions of evil evolved to drive fear. A bit ev psych and a bit group selection, too. Paging D.S. Wilson!



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