Suggested readings, #52

Here are some interesting articles I’ve come across recently, for your consideration:

Is ‘race’ modern? To counter racism, scholars must trace the idea of ‘race’ to its origins, but asking the right questions is half the battle. (Aeon)

Odysseus and You. How you can use the hero’s journey to help you in everyday life. (Medium)

Plagues follow bad leadership in ancient Greek tales. (The Conversation)

Nature is Not Mathematical. [No shit, pace Max Tegmark.] (Medium)

Philosopher in Italian coronavirus lockdown on how to think positively about isolation. (The Conversation)

Ethicists agree on who gets treated first when hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus. (Quartz)

At the Margins. [Though the author apparently is unaware that one can annotate e-books as well as physical ones.] (National Review)

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One thought on “Suggested readings, #52”

  1. Good, good piece on the origins of defining race and everything else, the Aeon piece.
    The piece on medical ethics in these times is also good in general, and on noting in specific that deontology sometimes just doesn’t have the answers.
    Writing in books? It’s more fun with physical books. Of course, one cannot write in library books. But, that’s why so many of my Goodreads reviews are so extensive.


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