Suggested readings, #62

Here it is, your weekly rundown of interesting articles I’ve come across recently, to consider for your weekend readings:

The robot artists aren’t coming. Artificial intelligence is making machines more creative — but machines don’t make art. (New York Times)

Where did the grandeur go? Superlative things were done in the past century by marshalling thousands of people in the service of a vision of the future. (Aeon)

How the coronavirus is changing digital etiquette. We’re watching the norms of using technology evolve in real time. Here’s how to keep up. (New York Times)

Why do we cling to art in apocalyptic times? (Art News)

What will greetings look like in a post-coronavirus world? It might be a while before we can offer a hug or handshake. But that’s OK. [I vote for “live long and prosper.”] (New York Times)

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  1. Oh, loved the art piece as well. I didn’t realize until a year ago that Monet’s last few years, he’d done a bunch of stuff that is not only Expressionist, but approaches Abstract Expressionism. The Kimball in Fort Worth allowed photos when it had this on tour; first time I’ve ever seen it allow photos of third-party art.

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