Suggested readings, #71

Here it is, a rundown of interesting articles I’ve come across recently, to consider for your weekend readings:

Mars is a second-rate backup plan. On the red planet, existential threats abound. (Nautilus)

The epistemics of first principles. All knowledge comes from sensory experience, including knowledge of the first principles of morality on which the natural law and moral reasoning build. (Public Discourse)

Why the working class votes against its economic interests. (New York Times)

Star Trek villains I’d rather have handling the covid-19 vaccine initiative “Operation Warp Speed” than Donald Trump. (McSweeney’s)

The Epictetus Club: part three. Stoicism in prison. (Modern Stoicism)

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5 thoughts on “Suggested readings, #71”

  1. Well, the Republicans started in 1854 as a “third party.” As Democrats continue to shift rightward, smart workers don’t follow. Maybe that’s why Democrats, at the presidential level, have never really been serious about eliminating the electoral college.


    1. Well, as I’m sure you know, getting rid of the electoral college – which I definitely support – is next to impossible.


  2. On the one other issue that’s of most interest? Focusing on Mars is, basically, billionaires willing to give most the rest of Earthlings the back of the hand, even while calling for massive energy expenditures that will only further exacerbate climate change and resource exploitation. And, Musk especially has ignored the cosmic radiation risk of travel to Mars.

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