Conversations with Rob

Below is the index of episodes of the Stoic Conversations podcast. Each episode is about one hour long and features a conversation between yours truly and my colleague Rob Colter, of the University of Wyoming. Sometimes we have a guest. We cover all aspects of ancient and modern Stoicism. (Most recent episodes on top.)

Episode 11 (forthcoming): Eric Weiner and the Socrates Express

Episode 10 (26 August 2021): Greg Sadler on misconceptions of Stoicism

Episode 9 (19 August 2021): Robin Waterfield on translating Marcus Aurelius

Episode 8 (12 August 2021): Stoicism and politics

Episode 7 (5 August 2021): Gretchen Reydams-Schils on Musonius Rufus

Episode 6 (29 July 2021): John Sellars on the art of living

Episode 5 (22 July 2021): William Stephens on Marcus Aurelius, philosopher

Episode 4 (15 July 2021): Michael Connell on Stoic comedy

Episode 3 (18 July 2021): A Field Guide to a Happy Life

Episode 2 (1 July 2021): Greg Lopez, to hell with feelings?

Episode 1 (24 Jun 2021): Nancy Sherman on ancient and modern Stoic wisdom.